Cooking Ripe! is BAAAACK!


Sunflowers by Cooking Ripe!

Wow, so the last time I posted was back in April and I wrote about planning the summer garden. So…I guess that garden has come and gone now that it’s mid-October, eh?

So, where have I been? Nothing crazy, I just had a super busy (insane!) period at work from May-July, and then I was tired. Really tired. Seriously, that’s it. I work virtually from home and after that work siege, I couldn’t face more computer time – especially when I had gardening and other summer activities to attend to.

After feeling so tired and burned out..and sick, I also made a fairly major decision to adopt a new diet and lifestyle. I’m practicing a Paleo diet and I feel really good after about six weeks (and have lost 15 pounds; 10 since starting Paleo). What’s Paleo? In a nutshell, it’s a diet that eliminates dairy, processed food & refined sugar, legumes (beans) and most importantly, grains (which means it’s also gluten free). It encourages lots of veggies (my fav!), fruits, nuts and seeds, healthy fats and lean animal protein (including seafood). It’s all about clean eating, which makes me so happy! There’s a lot more to it, and it is said to help folks with lots of health issues, so I encourage you to Google it or check out Robb Wolf’s definition here.

So, given the new diet, I’ve been learning to cook while eliminating some of my favorite staples: tortillas, bread and cheese. Honestly, it has not been as hard as I thought it might be. I have always preferred to make the veggies the star of my meals, so I just had to learn to leave out the non-Paleo ingredients. The Hubs is not following a Paleo diet, but he has no argument with my Paleo meals because they involve meat, which is his favorite. As long as it’s got meat, he’s happy (he’s a simple guy, right?). He’s free to add bread and cheese if he chooses to, but I hope he’ll gradually get over it. I’ll let you know how that goes!

So, is this blog going to become a “Paleo blog”? Not necessarily because I’m new to it and cannot profess to be an expert. That said, I will be sharing my favorite recipes that will likely be Paleo or mostly Paleo. If you’re not Paleo, I promise you’ll still love the recipes – and you can always add non-Paleo ingredients as you wish!

So welcome back! I hope you enjoy the new upcoming recipes!


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