Cooking Ripe! New and Improved

Garden 2012

 Welcome to the newly improved version of Cooking Ripe!

We are excited to unveil a new look and our very own domain name: While we may still have a few bugs and we’re still working on some new enhancements, we’re pretty settled into our new place. It was not nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be to switch over.

Because of the move, you will have to re-subscribe to the blog if you want to receive email alerts, so go ahead and input your email address in the subscription box to the right of this post so you don’t miss out on anything good!

Now that we’ve successfully made the move, you can expect to see more frequent posts from Cooking Ripe! I’ve been cooking, but haven’t wanted to write new posts until the migration was complete. I’ve also started to plan the Spring garden – even though we’re still having arctic temps here in Colorado. One can dream, right?

Stay tuned for much more farm to table cooking and easy gardening tips!

One Comment

  1. Janine says:

    Eggscellent Betsie!!! I had totally forgotten you were switching over so I was glad to get the email. Can’t wait to see your new posts! I thought of you again the other day while I was roasting some cherry tomatoes with your recipe! You’re gonna do great!